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synthetic filter discs for mushroom cultivation

Synthetic Filter Discs are used by many mushroom cultivators. From those only using a few jars of spawn to act as spawn masters in commercial production, to those involved in smaller home cultivation. These synthetic filters discs fit precisely on a variety of canning jars that are commonly used by toady's cultivators. Usage of these discs allows a fresh, constant air exchange but prevents the entrance of unwanted contaminates. Sterilizable and reusable for life (not for food canning) 99.97% efficient filtration down to .3 microns.

You're not still cutting whole filter discs into quarters simply to attach them onto a hole that you've drilled into a lid are you? Well if you are then this filter discs is especially for you. Made of the exact material as all of our filter discs and with the same 99.97% efficient filtration down to .3 microns. These filter discs measure two inches in diameter. These two inch discs cover a one inch hole nicely which will allow for a greater gas exchange for your substrate. No more cutting and no more shredding of perfectly good discs for a one inch hole!

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airborne laser particle counter for growing mushrooms

These counters monitor the total particle count in a cleanroom. Meter displays the number of particles in 0.1 cu. ft. of air after a one-minute sample. Unit immediately starts counting when turned on, and displays the count as particles are detected. Great for use in your mushroom grow room or lab

Laser-based sensor detects discrete particles. Unit also features internal rechargeable batteries which last 3.5 hours. Operator can use quick charge mode (recharges in 3.5 hours), or trickle charge mode which allows use of instrument during recharging. Power: 110 or 220V.

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glass canning jars for mushroom spawn

Ball Brand, Mason Canning Jars have been used for years by mushroom growers to hold a variety of substrates. We offer wide mouth canning jars (regular mouth available upon request, please contact us). These glass jars can withstand steaming and pressure cooking over and over again which will ensure years of use. Each case includes metal lids and rings. Or if you'd like, try some plastic canning jar lids. They are easy to clean, dishwasher safe and they don't rust!

Please be sure to check out our synthetic filter discs which fit presicely over the jars mouth. The combination of filter discs and the jars are sure to give your substrate a fresh, clean and effortless gas exchange.

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drierite desiccants for preserving mushrooms
Drierite is a laboratory grade desiccant . Please be advised that there are different grades of desiccants . Unlike store bought, or "paint grade" desiccants that only absorb a small percentage of their mass. Drierite instantly absorbs 6.6 weight percent water by chemical action, creating the hemihydrate of calcium sulfate. drierite granules have 38 percent pore space volume, which accounts for its high absorption capacity.

Myco Supply carries both an indicating drierite and a non-indicating drierite. Indicating drierite is blue when dry and changes to pink upon absorption of moisture. The color change is pronounced and clearly visible. This makes indicating drierite valuable when it is necessary to know with certainty that dryness is being maintained and to signal when the drying agent should be refreshed. It has the same efficiency as regular drierite, and somewhat greater capacity due to the desiccanting effect of the cobalt chloride. The non-indicating white drierite is suitable if moisture indication isn't important in your operation.

For the regeneration of drierite, the granules may be spread in layers one granule deep and heated for 1 hour at 210° C or 425° F. The regenerated material should be placed in the the original glass container and sealed while hot. Each glass jar contains one pound of drierite.

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