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Electric Casing/Dung Sterilizers

     Are you still cooking your casing/dung in your home oven? Think about this portable and reliable alternative to pasteurizing/sterilizing your casing and dung. With a sunny afternoon and an extension cord, you can pasteurize/sterilize your casing or dung outside! No more worries about odd odors lingering in your home.

     Use it in a garage or shed (any place that doesn't have a stove). Or use it within one of our very own portable grow rooms. Originally designed to sterilize soil, this unit is great for anyone who needs to work with a variety of organic material.

  • Simply select the correct sterilizing temperature.


  • When selected temperature is reached the Sterilizer automatically shuts off.


  • No hazards from hot steam or dangerous chemicals. Sterilize for pennies a batch. An economical, safe and fast method to eliminate weeds and disease from soil or any growing medium. The sterilizer is filled to the top of the container and then the unit is plugged in. The thermostat is then set to the correct sterilizing temperature. The indicator light will glow until the batch is done. After the light goes off wait 15 minutes, then pick up the unit and the sterilized soil will drop out the bottom.

Pasteurizing is partial sterilization to kill most harmful organisms, but not beneficial ones (140-160° F, approx. 20 min.). Sterilizing at 180° F kills all soil organisms and most weed seeds. This Sterilizer is built of heavy-gauge aluminized steel and has a capacity of 1 cubic foot of soil. With a aluminum exterior and internal stainless steel heating tubes, the heating elements are sheathed for protection and sealed against moisture.
Thermostat range: 100°-200° F. Prewired with a 6 ft. grounded power cord. Rated: 500 watts, 4-1/2 amps.

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