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All American Steam Sterilizers

The All-American Pressure Sterilizers differ from the Pressure Cookers in several ways that make them better tools for the mushroom cultivator. A stopcock prevents steam from escaping once sterilization temperatures have been achieved (the Pressure Cooker utilizes a weighted vent pipe instead); this means that they require less monitoring than the Pressure Cooker. These units also feature a capillary tube and a removable solid insert basket.

  • Calrod Immersion Heating Element, 1050 Watt, 120 Volt AC (Also Available in 240 Volt)
  • Fenwal Thermostatic Control
    Heavy Cast Aluminum Cover and Bottom Construction
  • Aluminum Alloy Seamless Inset Container
  • Cast Aluminum Rack
  • Flexible Metal Exhaust Tube
  • Dial Gauge and Valve Control
  • Metal-To-Metal Seal (No Rubber Gaskets)
  • Large Sterilizing Capacity (831 Cubic Inches)
  • 3 Wire Grounded Cord and Plug for Safety

The 25X All American Steroclave

The All American 25X Stereoclave is a portable electric automatic steroclave. A complete self-contained sterilizer with an immersion heating element, automatic thermostatic control, automatic release valve, and pilot light. First in the field to develop an immersion type pressure sterilzer for mycologists, profession spawn producers and laboratories. Connects to any outlet and ready for immediate use. The 25X consistantly insures complete and efficient sterilization.

The stereoclave is made of high quality cast aluminum alloy, with all the special features of the famous All American Pressure Cookers. The Portable Electric Automatic Stereoclvae will provide a highly effective sterilization facility at an extremely low cost. The stereoclave is automatic in operation, controlled by a Fenwal Thermostat and pilot light. Only a small amount of water is needed to create the dry steam.

At a temperature of 259° F. it throughly sterilizes substrate as well as laboratory equipment.

The 25X is a self-contained, gasketless 25-quart pressure sterilizer, complete with electrical heating element, thermostat and indicator light. Popular with cultivators, medical experts and laboratories worldwide.

25X (25 Qt, holds 7 1-quart jars) Please Click Here for Updated Pricing

25XE for 230V/50Hz applications Please Click Here for Updated Pricing


All-American Steam Sterilizers, Non-Electric

Identical in function to the 25X but designed to be used on a stove top or similar heat source.

(41 Qt, holds 32 pint 19 quart jars)
Please Click Here for Updated Pricing

(25 Qt, holds 19 pint 7 quart jars)
Please Click Here for Updated Pricing

(15.5 Qt, holds 10 pint 7 quart jars)
Please Click Here for Updated Pricing


PLEASE NOTE: These units are for home use in media sterilization.
They are not for commercial food preparation.

For a complete line of All American Steam Sterilizer Replacement Parts please

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