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     Myco Supply offers high quality, laboratory grade borosilicate glassware and other laboratory accessories.

     All of our glassware is made from highly durable borosilicate glass. Being heat-resistant, our glassware is able to withstand the extremely high temperatures of autoclaving and repeated sterilizations/pasteurizations.
Our borosilicate grade glassware is highly resistant to chemical attacks and to breakage due to heating.

     We carry only premium borosilicate glassware in order to ensure our customers have repeated strength and durability. Please scroll to the bottom of this page to learn why borosilicate glassware is preferred in laboratory conditions.

We also carry...

  • Glass Burets with Teflon Stopcocks
  • Filtering Flasks
  • Separatory Funnels & Thistle Tubes
  • Transfer Measuring Pipets
  • Rubber & Cork Stoppers
  • A full line of Support Stands, Rings & Clamps
  • As well as many more laboratory supplies.

Please contact us for any item, that you may be interested in. Wholesale pricing is available on all glassware and accessories mentioned.

Erlenmeyer Flasks

Erlenmeyer flasks are favored among mycologists, since being made of borosilicate glass, they can be autoclaved to render them sterile. An Erlenmeyer flask can be sealed with parafilm or a rubber/cork stopper. They are of similar accuracy to science lab beakers but less than graduated cylinders, measuring pipets or burets.

EF50 Erlenmeyer flask, 50ml 3.25
EF125 Erlenmeyer flask, 125ml 4.95
EF250 Erlenmeyer flask, 250ml 7.95
EF500 Erlenmeyer flask, 500ml 10.95
EF1000 Erlenmeyer flask, 1000ml 13.95
EF2000 Erlenmeyer flask, 2000ml 23.95

(Myco Supply offers wholesale pricing on all of our glassware. Contact us for more information).

Lab Beakers

These chemistry beakers are made to ISO 3819 standards. They work great when dealing with liquid inoculations, mixing agar, or any application that calls for mixing, measuring or boiling.

BK50 Beaker, 50ml 4.50
BK100 Beaker, 100ml 4.75
BK150 Beaker, 150ml 5.00
BK250 Beaker, 250ml 5.95
BK400 Beaker, 400ml 6.95
BK600 Beaker, 600ml 8.95
BK1000 Beaker, 1000ml 13.95
BK2000 Beaker, 2000ml 23.95

(Myco Supply offers wholesale pricing on all of our glassware. Contact us for more information).

Graduated Cylinders

Graduated cylinders are handy for accurate measurements of small volumes of liquid that cannot be done with beakers and flasks. Borosilicate glass has the advantage over other materials such as polypropylene and TPX if you are going to use oxidizing materials and certain hydrocarbons which can cause plastic to cloud.

Graduated cylinders are made to ISO 4788 and are accurate to 1.0% of full scale.

GC10 Graduated cylinder, 10ml 5.50
GC25 Graduated cylinder, 25ml 7.50
GC50 Graduated cylinder, 50ml 8.50
GC100 Graduated cylinder, 100ml 9.95
GC250 Graduated cylinder, 250ml 12.95
GC500 Graduated cylinder, 500ml 21.95
GC1000 Graduated cylinder, 1000ml 31.95
GC2000 Graduated cylinder, 2000ml 41.95

(Myco Supply offers wholesale pricing on all of our glassware. Contact us for more information).

Watchglasses - Beaker Covers

Watchglasses are often used as beaker lids, to view thick tissue cultures under microscopes or as spore collectors for print making. The beakers they cover are shown in [].

WG60 Watchglass, 60mm, [50/100ml] 2.50 each
WG80 Watchglass, 80mm, [150/250ml] 3.00 each
WG100 Watchglass, 100mm, [400/600ml] 3.75 each
WG120 Watchglass, 120mm, [800/1000ml] 4.00 each

(Myco Supply offers wholesale pricing on all of our glassware. Contact us for more information).

Volumetric Flasks

Volumetric flasks are used in analytical chemistry to produce accurate solutions. However, they can be used as decorative glassware around the home (They work great for holding salad dressings). Each volumetric flask is made to ISO 1402 standards and is class "B" accuracy. A ground glass stopper is standard although we sometimes get Teflon stoppers.

VF20 Volumetric flask, 25ml 7.00
VF50 Volumetric flask, 50ml Out of Stock until Mid-August
VF100 Volumetric flask, 100ml 8.50
VF250 Volumetric flask, 250ml 10.75
VF500 Volumetric flask, 500ml 14.95
VF1000 Volumetric flask, 1000ml Out of Stock until Mid-August
VF2000 Volumetric flask, 2000ml 29.95

(Myco Supply offers wholesale pricing on all of our glassware. Contact us for more information).

Boiling (Florence) Flasks

These borosilicate boiling flasks are made to ISO 1773. When boiling is necessary, these flasks are preferred due to their narrow necks that help prevent escaping evaporation.

RB= Round bottom; FB= Flat bottom.

RB100 Boiling flask, RB, 100ml 7.00
RB250 Boiling flask, RB, 250ml 9.95
FB100 Boiling flask, FB, 100ml 7.00
FB500 Boiling flask, FB, 500ml 12.95

(Myco Supply offers wholesale pricing on all of our glassware. Contact us for more information).

What's the difference between glassware?

In most glassware, there are two grades: Soda-lime and Boroscilicate.

One of the major advantages that borosilicate has over soda-lime glass is its relatively high thermal expansion. Pure silica glass does not expand greatly when heated, but the addition of soda has a dramatic effect in increasing the expansion rate. Therefore, the resistance of soda-lime glass to sudden temperature changes is comparatively poor. This inadequacy can result in chipping and cracking of your glassware.

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