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Vacutainer® in Vacutainers

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A Vacutainer® glass tube has a conventional closure which allows a needle to safely pass through, then close upon retraction of the needle. This type of closure allows the cap to be pierced by a needle without leaving a hole.

These tubes are great for spore solutions, liquid cultures, or for shipping purposes. Size is 16mm X 100mm and holds 10cc. They also have a paper label attached to each tube for easy marking.

Vacutainer® Pack of 100 come sterile.

Vacutainer® Pack of 10 come unsterile.

A few tips..

A Vacutainer is often used like a myco bag or mushroom bag in a way that a syringe needle penetrates the red plug (like a syringe would while growing mushrooms in bags) and safely stores the spore solution.

Similar to mushroom growing bags which may contain dried horse manure or some other mushroom substrate, a Vacutainer will contain either a spore solution or culture media. The benefit of using a Vacutainer is that if you're creating cheap mushroom grow kits for resale or any kind of 'shroom kit'. The use of a Vacutainer will safely transport your spores or culture within the kit.

The grow kit may include mushroom growing compost or just some kind of agar. Our point is, when transporting viable spores and cultures, please consider a Vacutainer.

Need a place to store your Vacutainer? How about this 60 tube storage rack that will fit 16mm tubes.

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