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UV Germicidal Lamps in UV Germicidal Lamps
UV Germicidal Lamps

These lamps use shortwave ultraviolet (254nm) radiation as an effective tool for sterilization and sanitation applications. Often used in hospitals, clinics, pharmaceutical and research labs. These lamps can kill up to 99% of bacteria organisms, yeast, and germs. Used to sterilize the surfaces of objects for example work surfaces, casing containers, media filled petri dishes, and other equipment.

Please know that UV Germicidal Lamps can kill spores and mycelium so use carefully!

They can be used in an upward facing position for purifying the air or in a downward position for sanitizing work surfaces. The lamp can be hung (brackets provided) in order to reduce space required on benchtops.

115 VAC, 60 Hz

Dimensions (in.)
(L x W x H)
19.75 x 6 x 4.25
24 x 6 x 4.25
49.6 x 6 x 4.25
230 VAC, 50 HZ avalable in the same dimensions upon request

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UV Germicidal Lamps: 


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