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Sterilized Indicator Tape in Autoclaved Indicator Tape
Sterilized Indicator Tape

Every wonder if your spawn bags or jars are really sterile? Don't second guess if your substrate has been properly sterilized by using our Autoclaved Indicator Tape. Simply put a three or four inch piece of this tape on each one of your jars or spawn bags. Once you've, "cooked" your substrate, if the proper amount of heat and/or pressure has been reached to sterilize, you will see dark lines appear on the white tape. Reassuring you that your pressure cooker or steam sterilizer has worked properly.
  • Tape is designed for use in a steam autoclave or pressure cooker (dry heat such as inside an over is not acceptable.)
  • Dark lines will appear on the white tape after 15 minutes at 121C (250F)
  • Will stick to glass, cloth, plastic and metal without leaving a residue
  • Temperature range - 7 to 121C (20 to 250F); Apply at 4 to 49C
  • Each roll is 500 inches in length.

Our Sterilized Indicator Tape can be used on:

Spawn Bags with Filter Patches

Glass Canning Jars

Plastic Jars with Lids

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Autoclave Indicator Tape: 


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