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Scalpels & Blades in Scalpels & Blades
Scalpels & Blades

Getting tired of having a dull scalpel to cut your cultures?

These highly durable, exceptionally strong blades are specialized for microbiological and mycological use. Manufactured in England from stainless steel, each handle is designed to incorporate smooth loading and balance. Precision is obvious with their satin finish and fine quality handles.

Shown in the picture above (top) is our long handle stainless steel scalpel. (Middle) is our regular handle scalpels. Both handles use a #11 size blade and work great for cutting cultures, cloning or even field work. Our long handle is over 6 inches in length (not including blade) and is great for reaching inside of long culture tubes.

(Botton) These disposable scalpels are ideal for those working with different cultures at the same time. Each scalpel is packaged with a flexible blade cover for user protection.

(Myco Supply carries over 40 different styles of scalpels. Steel, Stainless Steel and disposable. For more information Please Contact us for more information).

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