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Rye Grain / Rye Berries in Rye Grain
Rye Grain / Rye Berries

*** Any quantity of Organic Rye Grain/Rye Berries is only $0.99 per pound***

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We are pleased to carry 100% organically grown Rye Grain (also known as Rye Berries). Rye Grain / Rye Berries are the most preferred grain for mushroom substrates. It has been used for decades by both hobbyist as well as commercial growers. Mushrooms and mycelium of many species thrive off of Rye Grains' superb nutrient content

Our Rye Grain / Rye Berries are pure with very few broken kernels and has long been the preference for mushroom cultivators worldwide.

The following is a Rye Grain / Rye Berry substrate recipe.

Basic Rye Grain / Rye Berry Recipe for 1 Quart Jar

Rye - 200g (=7.1 oz = 200 ml = 0.87 cup)

Distilled Water - 220g (= 7.8 oz = 220 ml = 0.95 cup)
  • Don't forget the sterilization tape! It's always good to know if your bags are sterilize.
  • Where are you going to case, fruit, mix or pour your substrate? Try an easy to clean and reusable Spawn & Substrate Tray.

If you'd like to try an alternative to rye grain, think about using white millet seed.

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Organic Rye Grain: 


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