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Miniature Bale of Shredded Wheat Straw in Miniature Bale of Shedded Wheat Straw
Miniature Bale of Shredded Wheat Straw

Myco Supply offers small, miniature bales of shredded wheat straw for mushroom cultivators. Our organically grown wheat straw has been harvested and properly prepared with the mushroom grower in mind. For those who do not have the time or equipment to shred their own wheat straw, or for those who find that the hassle of shredding your own straw is sometimes too messy. Our small bales will greatly reduce the work effort of your next project. Simply untwist the metal ties, and pasteurize! No need to purchase equipment or spend hours shredding a full bale.

Each miniature bale of wheat straw measures 6" X 6" X 12". They are compressed bales which are bound by two metal wire ties. Each bale is also tightly wrapped in plastic packaging to ensure clean handling and no loss of material. A great and easy substrate for mushroom growers everywhere!

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Miniature Bale of Shredded Wheat Straw: 


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