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Mushroom Cloning Tools Kit in Mushroom Cloning Tools Kit
Mushroom Cloning Tools Kit

This mushroom cloning tool kit is fabulous for anyone working with cultures. Whether your cloning your favorite species, isolating a strain or simply working with numerous plates, this kit provides all of the necessary tools to help you achieve your goal. A great feature about this kit is that its very economical. To purchase these items separately would cost almost double their retail price.

The kit includes:

Flexible probe
Straight teasing needle with plastic handle
Curved teasing needle with plastic handle
4.5" Medium Point Forceps
4.5" Curved Fine Point Dissecting Forceps
5" Straight Hemostatic Forceps
5.5" Sharp/Blunt Blade Surgical Scissors
4.5" Iris Scissors
Scalpel Handle #3 for Blades #10, #11, #12, or #15
Scalpel Handle #4 for Blades #20, #21, #22, or #23
Blade #10 (1 piece)
Blade #22 (1 piece)

Remember to sterilize your tools! Don't forget your alcohol lamp.


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Mushroom Cloning Tools Kit: 


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