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Inoculation Gun in Inoculation Gun
Inoculation Gun

Are you inoculating semi-bulk or bulk amounts of jars or spawn bags? If so, you may want to consider using an inoculation gun. Our inoculation gun is designed to inoculate 1ML up to 12.5ML in 0.5ml increments at a single inoculation point. They are easy to use and an excellent time saver when it comes to bulk inoculations.

How does it work? Simply attach the 4" long needle (included but not pictured) to the front of the inoculation gun, attach one end of the clear plastic tubing to the back of the gun, then the tubes other end into your container of liquid mycelium/culture, adjust the dial to the amount of milliliters you'd like to spray into your substrate and inoculate. Its that simple!

You can use our inoculation gun over and over again. Instead of sterilizing a syringe or plunger every time you want to draw up new solution. You can place the back hose into any container of any size! If you want to use a small 1/2 pint jar or a large 1 liter eberbach container with liquid mycelium/spores you can easily and effectively inoculate your substrate in the most time efficient way.


  • Lightweight and compact
  • Ergonomic design for maximum user comfort
  • Dosing dial system with settings from 1ML up to 12.5 ML
  • 4 inch long, 14 gauge, stainless steel needle
  • Clear plastic transfer tubing

  • Do NOT sterilize in an autoclave or pressure cooker!

    - To sterilize our inoculation gun you must use either an alcohol flush or water bath. The pressure of an autoclave or pressure cooker will melt the unit. Myco Supply is not responsible for any damage caused by improper sterilization techniques.

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    Inoculation Gun: 


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