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Humidity Dome in Humidity Dome
Humidity Dome

Humidity Domes are widely used by hobby mushroom growers. They are highly effective in maintaining moisture levels and provide a simple way to control those levels with the black, circular sliding door that sits on top of the dome. The domes are crystal clear so that you can quickly gauge the humidity within the dome. Our humidity domes fit all standard 3.5 gallon, 5 gallon and 7 gallon plastic buckets. These buckets are available at most major hardware stores. Our humidity domes stack within each other so that when they are not being used, storage does not become an issue. The overall height of the humidity dome is 11-7/8" and the diameter is 13-1/4".

The domes are lightweight and fit on top of the bucket with a snug fit. No tools are necessary to attach the dome to the bucket. On the top of the humidity domes, you will find a black, circular sliding door. This door will help regulate the moisture level in the dome. If you think you have too much humidity, just open the door. If you have too little humidity, close the door to ensure that the humidity stays within the dome.

These domes also work great in the garden to protect plants from frost as well as help maintain humidity around the plant. For those interested in using the humidity dome for this purpose, please know that every dome comes with three metal stakes that help secure the dome to the ground.

If you're looking to make your own grow chamber that is easy, quick and effective. Just click here!

Grab yourself a plastic bucket, a humidity dome and some perlite and you'll have yourself a nicely made terrarium.

*We sell only the Humidity Domes, buckets not included.*

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Humidity Dome: 


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