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MS-4 Independant Temperature/Humidity/CO2 Controller in Environment Controllers/Timers
MS-4 Independant Temperature/Humidity/CO2 Controller

The MS-4 offers a full range of equipment for the growing enthusiasts. The MS-4 independently controls the humidity and temperature within the growing area. Supplemental CO2 is also coordinated with your Exhaust fans. The built-in photocell ensures the CO2 outlet is activated only during the “daytime” and provides a unique “Night-time” control device.

The MS-4 integrates temperature / humidity & CO2 control. To conserve carbon dioxide, the CO2 outlet is disabled when the fans are running.

Independantly control your growing area’s humidity level… just plug in your de-humidifier.

Controls any CO2 generators or valves operating on 120 volt. CO2 is only active during the “day”

Auxillary “Night-time” outlet provides power for devices which only run during the night.

There are certain steps which should be taken to ensure a successful installation of your MS-4.

1) Determine the desired location for the MS-4. It should be at “plant” height and near a 120vac power supply. Also consider the position of the light source to ensure proper operation of the photocell.

2) The external remote temperature probe can be uncoiled to place the probe up to 30” from the unit.

3) Mount the MS-4 to a wall or other vertical surface. The ventilation slots must be positioned on the top and bottom of the unit.

4) Plug the exhaust fan or into the top receptacle on the right side. (Maximum 15-amps @ 120vac)

5) To control the humidity level, plug your dehumidifier into the lower right side receptacle. (optional)

6) Plug your CO2 valve or generator into the lower receptacle on the left side. (optional)

7) Connect any device which you want to run only during the night into the upper left receptacle. (optional)

8) Keep the MS-4 far from any CO2 generator or other sources of high heat to eliminate faulty temperature readings.

9) Adjust the thermostat and humistat to the desired highest level you want to maintain.

10) Connect the power cord to a source of 120-vac power. * Maximum COMBINED load = 15 amps.

11) Once connected and powered up the photocell may take up to 2 minutes to detect Daytime light levels.

* NOTE: The MS-4 requires “free air movement” to maintain temperature and humidity accuracy. The top and bottom of the enclosure has ventilation slots to provide air-flow for the internal humistat. We recommend using an oscillating f

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MS-4 Independant Temperature/Humidity/CO2 Controller: 


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