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Dehydrated Dried Horse Manure in Dehydrated Manure
Dehydrated Dried Horse Manure

Mushroom growers everywhere appreciate the nutrients that horse manure offers. This is why Myco Supply is happy to offer an easy to use, nutrient rich, dehydrated dried horse manure specifically formulated for mushroom growers. This manure is gathered, sifted, dehydrated, then pressed into small sized pieces for easy use. Dehydrated horse manure is an excellent substrate or it can be used simply as an added nutrient to straw, grain and other substrate mixtures

One pound of our dehydrated horse manure has the nutrient equivalent of almost 10 pounds of fresh manure!

How to re hydrate

  • Simply mix the dehydrated manure with water until you reach a paste-like consistency
  • Pasteurize
  • Finally mix with spawn, then case!

Unlike fresh manure which can be difficult to handle, ship and store. Our dehydrated manure will last for many weeks until moisture is added to it. The dehydrated manure should be stored in a cool, dry place until ready to use.

Two popular recipes for our hpoo is:

10% dehydrated manure, 40% straw, 50% coco coir.


10% dehydrated manure, 40% vermiculite, and 50% straw.

These recipes are by weight not volume.

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Dehydrated Manure: 


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