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Coco Coir in Coco Coir
Coco Coir

Want to use an alternative to peat moss? Try Coco Coir! We carry two different sizes. A brick and bale size. Coco Coir is an all natural, 100% organic planting medium compressed into a brick, when you add water, the brick expands to yeild 8 - 9 quarts of medium. When the bale is expanded according to directions it will yield 2 cubic feet of moist fluffy growing medium or additive. Perfect for casings.

It holds water up to 9 times its weight, the natural wicking action helps to evenly distribute water throughout the medium, ideal pH (5.7-6.3), resists compacting to remain light, fluffy and airy, naturally wets out easily so no wetting agent is needed, superior aeration and drainage - high porosity and is made from a 100% renewable resource.

1 Coco Coir Brick = 1.5 pounds

1 Coco Coir Bale = 10 pounds

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Coco Coir: 


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