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Water Bath/Canning Pots in Ball Canning Jars
Water Bath/Canning Pots

Water Bath/Canning Pots are commonly used by hobby mushroom growers to steam sterilize their non-grain substrates. They are used mostly by individuals working with brown rice flour or shredded straw. Each water/bath canning pot comes with a removable internal wire rack which will keep your jars from touching the bottom of the pot.

The useful rack will allow only the steam to surround and sterilize your substrate filled canning jars. Simply fill the pot with 3 inches of water and boil. There is no need to adjust the heat from high to low, no need to worry about water boiling into your jars since they are suspended above the water in its sturdy wire rack.

The pot itself has a baked on, hardened enamel finish which will endure years of use. We offer two different sizes which are 21.5 quarts and 33 quarts.

The 21.5 qt. canner comes with with side handles, a lid and jar rack.

The 33 qt. canner has an extended lip on top of the unit which acts as a handle, a lid and jar rack.

Both Canners are suitable for gas or electric stovetops and is dishwasher safe.

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