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Breathable Foam Plugs in Breathable Foam Plugs
Breathable Foam Plugs

These breathable foam plugs are can be used with any flask or culture tube that has a 35-45mm opening. They work great, especially while sterilizing agar! There is no need to worry if your agar will boil over or crack your container. These plugs allow for gas/pressure to flow through the plug but keeps all of the containers contents safe inside. They are fully autoclaveable so they will withstand repeated use inside of your pressure cooker or steam sterilizer.

  • Reusable, non-absorbent, white foam plugs provide a snug fit, yet allow free airflow
  • Autoclavable up to 121C
  • Available in size to fit 35-45mm openings in tubes and flasks
  • Easily manipulated; springs back to original shape after use

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Breathable Foam Plugs: 


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