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All in One Environment Quality Meter in All in One Environment Quality Meter
All in One Environment Quality Meter

Are you looking for a meter that will combine a light meter, humidity meter, thermometer, and anemometer into a single compact unit? This all in one meter can quickly perform spot testing that desktop or non-mobile meters have difficulty performing. Do you think you have "dead spots" in your grow area where humidity is lower in one portion than the other? Wondering if there are differences in temperature throughout your grow? This meter will produce accurate results for the area tested.

• Own the equivalent of 4 meters for about the price of any one of them
• Features dual display with low battery & over range indications, touch-tone buttons, max-min, auto power off, & hold functions
• Dimensions: 6” x 2-1/2” x 1” (150 x 65 x 30mm)
• Weight: 5˝ oz. (160g)
• Comes ready to use with a soft carrying case, wrist strap, 9 volt battery, and instructions
• Warranty: 5 years against manufacturer’s defects

°C ambient 0~50 0.1 ±1.2°C
°F ambient 32~122 0.1 ±2.5°F
°C Type K 100~1300 0.1 ±(1%+2°C)
°F Type K 148~2372 0.1 ±(1%+2°F)
RH 10~95% 0.1 ±6%30~60RH otherwise ±8%
Airspeed m/s 0.4~25.0 0.1 ±(3%+2d)
Airspeed km/h 1.4~90.0 0.1 ±(3%+2d)
Airspeed mile/h 0.9~55.9 0.1 ±(3%+2d)
Airspeed knots 0.8~48.6 0.1 ±(3%+2d)
Airspeed ft/min 80~4930 1 ±(3%+20ft/min)
Lux 0~20,000 1 ±5%+4d
Foot Candle 0~2,000 0.1 ±5%+4d


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All in One Environment Quality Meter: 


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