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Myco Supply offers mushroom growing supplies, tools and equipment. We also provide fungi growing products for edible mushroom growers and fungi enthusiasts! Are you growing mushrooms? Interested in mushroom cultivation or maybe in creating your own mushroom kits? We have the tools and supplies necessary for both the beginner and advanced fungi cultivator. Thinking of growing edible mushrooms? Myco Supply knows that growing mushrooms isn't difficult with the proper supplies and tools, so let us help you in providing the correct needs for the job.

Mushrooms and other fungi grow best when the correct tools and nutrients are used, so let Myco Supply help you in your mushroom growing projects.

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A little mushroom news and recipes for this March 19th, 2015.

A Wet And Wild Look Inside The 'Mushroom Houses' Of A Fungi Farm

This is a really great article which includes a look into the commercial side of mushroom growing. This facility is located only a few miles from Myco Supply so its nice to see some local businesses being recognized.

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Running a mushroom farm? You've got to be slightly crazy

( ) - Carolyn Hart talks to the farm manager of a mushroom farm in Somerset about the 21-day long process of taking the fungi from spore to punnet

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Dude, why is my mushroom glowing? Scientists have the answer

(Reuters) - If you think you see a glowing mushroom, you might not be having a psychedelic hallucination. Some mushrooms indeed are bioluminescent, including one that sprouts among decaying leaves at the base of young palm trees in Brazilian coconut forests.

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Myco Supply carries thousands of items specifically for mushroom growers, such as..

Fungi cultivation of edible gourmet mushrooms or wild exotic mushrooms all need proper growing tools to achieve a healthy harvest. Using the right growing technique for your mushrooms is just as important as the equipment you use to grow them.  Myco Supply is a wholesale and retail distributor of mushroom cultivation supplies, equipment and products. Specializing in providing both the professional and amateur mycologist, Myco Supply is geared towards delivering mushroom cultivation tools and equipment to people worldwide.

Myco Supply has mushroom cultivation products to help you grow...

Agaricus (white mushroom, button mushroom)

Shiitake (oak mushroom; Chinese black mushroom; forest mushroom; golden oak)

Oyster mushrooms (Pearl, Pink or Blue)

Shaggy Manes

Hen-of-the-Woods (Grifola Frondosa/Maitake)

Chanterelle (girolle)

Crimini (Italian brown)

Enoki (enokitake; enokidake; snow puff mushrooms; golden mushrooms; velvet stem)


Ponderosa Pine Mushrooms


Porcini (cepes; boletes; boletus; steinpilze; singular tense: porcino)

Morel (black morel)

Lion’s Mane mushroom

Shaggy Manes

Looking to buy mushroom spores, mushroom grow kits, or even edible mushrooms? Sorry, we sell no live material.

No mushroom spores syringes, spore prints, cultures or pre-made kits. But, we do carry a wide array or mushroom cultivation tools designed for hobby growers to commercial applications. At Myco Supply we specialize in those who are looking for a little more than a basic mushroom growing kit. We cater to those looking to grow fungi for both the experience and the pleasure of starting an edible fungi patch from scratch!

By offering mushroom cultivation equipment and tools, we hope to spread the idea of mushroom growing. One of our goals is to expand this idea so that those hopes will flourish and give pleasure to those interested. We are looking to introduce a new hobby for people who may be thinking about getting into mushroom cultivation. We want to attract the attention of professional spawn producers and mycologists, and give them an economical alternative to today's current mushroom equipment companies.

Please look around our site, we are constantly updating, improving and adding new items. If you have any questions or comments please feel free to contact us. We are always looking for new products, ideas and comments.

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